You're Doing All the Right Things

But you're not getting the conversions and results you want.


You've tried every trick in the book
but you know there has to be a better way.

Does this sound familiar?

  • check
    Your website is updated and is mobile responsive and awesome!
  • check
    Your content took weeks to create and should be killing it online
  • check
    You’ve boosted Facebook Posts with some engagement but no sales
  • check
    You’ve run Google Ads, Facebook Ads with meh results.
  • check
    You tried SEO, which was a total time suck and didn’t even work!

Look, the online marketing game will always change (for ever and ever and ever)
and you will never, like ever, be given the rule book.

It’s not your fault.  

You're probably doing everything that you think you are supposed to be doing.

You’ve probably been reading blogs, listening to podcasts, or watching some 12 year old whipper-snapper on YouTube boasting about how easy it was to get, almost unbelievable, results…but his video has 300K views.

This journey to mastery is not an easy one.

If it were easy, more people would be doing it and killin' it.

And as frustrating as this whole online marketing thing can be, I promise, it can get better

You can achieve out of this world (or your world) results!

No really, you totally can.

But first, we need to face the harsh reality of our world today:

  • We see an average of 4,000-10,000 ads per day! We used to see that many in a month back in the day.
  • Our attention span has dramatically decreased to 3-5 seconds from 30 seconds (old school TV commercial spot length of time). In those precious seconds, a first impression was just made. In a few swift blinks of the eye, someone has already decided whether or not they are going to accept your offer, read your email, click the button on your website, respond to your Messenger message or go back to being distracted and unfocused like they were 6 seconds ago.
  • Having a super fantastic website isn’t enough anymore. Rats!
  • Creating a great piece of content won’t help your ideal clients find you online before the content is 3 years stale old
  • Just being “on” social media without engaging, supporting, and empowering your community won’t lead to more paying clients.
  • Someone else’s method to get new clients, leads, or traffic to their website may not work for your audience at all.
  • Trying the latest online craze for business owners for a month, expecting it to work instantly, to feeling defeated for wasting the last month. When you get back up after your fav vino or a good night’s rest, only to Google What’s the best way to get more clients” all over again, will not deliver the record breaking results you desire.

Stop guessing!

30, heck even 15 years ago, we HAD to make assumptions in our businesses. Often times, we found out we were wrong after it was too late.

We don’t have to assume anything anymore.

People voice their opinions on social media quicker than they can pick up a phone and dial your number. (aka data)

Technology has made it incredibly easy to access data. If you think data is the scary monster that is going to control the world, you may be right BUT leveraging the power of data for your business could be the difference in you exceeding your wildest business dreams or becoming one of the 99% of businesses that will never pass $1M in annual revenue.

Do you know what data can do for your business? Here are a couple of nerdy tech things in non-nerdy terms.

You can see where people read to before they leave your site so that you can fix the copy, orientation of the page or make the offer before they leave the page. Ohhhhh, that’s why no-one is opting in. Dang! (aka data)

You can see how much of your video they watch before they leave so that you can edit your video and make the most important part happen in the first 5 seconds opposed to 10:14 when you say the one thing that every client of yours needs to know like yesterday. (aka data)

You can see the journey that your customers want to take with you! WHAAAAAT? (aka super bomb data)

Let me repeat this one ‘cuz this is a biggie. You can see the journey your customers take online and make it better!

Let’s break it down:

Say, I am your ideal client, I land on your home page, then I check out your About, then I read a couple of case studies, before I am ready to click the offer or reach out to you on your Contact page. You then notice this flow (customer journey) seems to be a pattern that several people have taken.

Hold up!

You can now design the flow of your (website) story and customize the calls to action to match that of the journey you are seeing with super FREE website spy software.

(Shoot us an email here later because I’m watching you right now…kidding…not really and we will send you our fav FREE ones)

This is EPIC!

Ninja. Level. Skills.

Listen, you can’t afford to waste time trying everyone’s else best practices only to start the cycle all over again with another marketing tactic or hack.

It’s art and a science experiment driven by an ancient industry secret skill.

If you understand this one skill, then you just changed the game.

This new skill can get people to say yes to your amazing gifts, programs, or products.

So, what is this magnificent skill that will elevate your online game?


You may be thinking, “Emotions?! What does that even mean?!?!”

Everything you say  and do online must be driven by emotion. And not yours, but the emotion of your ideal client.

To put it more bluntly for my left brain friends, every offer, email, landing page, campaign, funnel, and piece of content should be optimized with emotional and psychological triggers.

This affects everything but most importantly, your bottom line.

Before you think we lost our marbles, let us quickly explain.








Until you understand the key emotion that motivates your customers to say YES, you’re just practicing until you get close to hitting that emotional nerve that compels them to act.

You may think we are all rational people but the truth, is we aren’t.

In fact, you may be having an emotional response right now, to the word Emotion.

Isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?

The emotion behind your customer is their voice. It’s their fears. It’s their desires. It is what subconsciously drives them to act or do nothing. Not to get all buzzword-y on you but we call this voice of customer analytics.

Pay attention to this muy importante part please, thank you:
By understanding the emotions that drive your customers, you can go deep into the psychology of why they behave the way they do.

First you have to get their attention, which is hard enough by itself today, but now you have to influence their behavior so they take the one (quick and easy) action you want people to take?

How, you say?

Great question!

By understanding the voice and emotions of your customers.

But we aren't randomly picking any customer, oh no.

We are profiling your lifelong highest paying customer and understanding their voice (PLUS: their emotions, fears, desires, objections, limited beliefs, psychological triggers, assumptions, etc).

This is the secret sauce to make this the best dish (experience) they have ever had. Hands down. 

As much as we would like to take credit for this, we can’t.

This isn’t our bright idea either, according to Antonio Damasio, one of the best Professors of Neuroscience, Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Southern California studied patients who had lost the ability to feel any emotion.

He summarizes his research by identifying something that should always keep in the back of our minds.

Without emotions, we lose ability to make decisions.

With only 5 seconds to stand out in an overly noisy connected world, the most effective way to do that is with emotion.

No matter how data driven you are, when was the last time you made a decision that wasn’t affected by your emotions? Take 3-5 seconds to think about it before you make a non-emotional decision. Too late. I just missed your distraction window. 

Have you recently experienced any of these situations:

  • Created super valuable content with a once in a lifetime, no brainer free offer that no one seems to want?
  • Simplified your website to make the customer journey uh-mazing but you still aren’t getting more leads?
  • Created a Facebook ad that has all the “right” elements to generate record leads but barely has any engagement, clicks, or conversions?
  • Did you spend way too much on Google Adwords only to get OK leads, not qualified leads resulting in meh sales?
  • Do you have a sneaky suspicion Google, Facebook and all other ad companies are presenting fake data to trick you into spending more and more money only to never ever get anyone to buy anything ever...
  • UGH!!!! You think to yourself, "This just doesn't work!"

If you answered yes, then please understand, you are not alone my friend.

We feel your pain. Nothing sucks more than putting your blood, sweat, tears, and money into something that doesn't deliver the results you expected.

But, here’s the good news, emotion can help you get off the struggle bus and on to the party bus with us!

Here are some of the results that you can expect once you understand their fears, desires, and psychology:

  • check
    Get more of the “right” (or any) website traffic
  • check
    Start to see more engagement with content because it is exactly what people want and need
  • check
    Increase your conversions (opt-ins, offers, ads)
  • check
    Improve your ROI on your PPC Campaigns- Expense Facebook Ad Costs (Low Relevance scores, high CPC, ROAS, jargon, jargon, blah, blah = aka all the things that the super evil algorithm tells Facebook to charge you more money)
  • check
    Have more influence with your customers and prospects with inspiration that motivates them to ask

*This list is just a small sampling of the most common voice of the customer miracles, yet every day we are surprised to learn more positive impacts this makes on our clients.

If your ready to elevate your online brand and outperform the best, we should talk.

We work best with people that are open minded to change and stepping beyond their comfort zone, are life long learners, and have some experience (not necessarily success) marketing online.

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