terms and conditions

The 9 Agreements 

of the dent business accelerators

These are our “Terms and Conditions.” Unlike a traditional T&C document, we want to be human about things. The following 9 Agreements point to the fact that in business (and life), all we can do is manage our agreements. These agreements, including payment of your Program Fees, do not depend on how often you use our services.
It’s expensive to change the goal posts.

We operate from the perspective that once an agreement has been made, if someone wants to change the agreement for some reason, then it is they who accept any additional costs or inconvenience incurred as a result. For example, if we want to move the delivery of all our programs to Egypt, it’s on us to incur any costs and inconvenience involved considering your understanding was that this is an Australian program. This is of course a two-way street.
Our promise to you

As you’ve seen in our Brochures, Offer Forms, and Schedules we’re agreeing to make available the following: a schedule of live workshops with qualified mentors and trainers, regular interactive webinars, a comprehensive Online Learning Portal, introduction to an Accountability Group, access to the private FB community, and invitations to social events and gatherings. These events comprise the Business Accelerator program you’re enrolling in. Our intention, as always, is to maintain the highest standards at all times that enable us to deliver what our clients and the media refer to as one of the world’s top business growth Accelerators.
Our accelerators don’t work!

What the...?

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the KPI Accelerator doesn’t ‘work’. Nor does the 24Assets Accelerator. Much like a screwdriver, it only works if you work it. The track records of our clients’ speak to the effectiveness of our Accelerators and the High Performance Environment that supports them. Globally, our most successful Alumni all share common characteristics of being ambitious, resourceful and resilient.

If you’re not all of those things, and not willing to be held accountable to continuing to exemplify those things, then your results won’t be comparable to the hundreds of live and video success stories we showcase.

If you’re committed to putting in the hard work then you’ve come to the right place. Our Alumni are among the most recognised and respected in their fields. They did the work. They got resourceful. They trusted the process and they got the results. Now you have the opportunity to do the same.
What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is yours.

Our IP is ours, your IP is yours. Assume everything is filmed and recorded for the purposes of documenting workshops for your review inside eLearning as well as for our marketing purposes.
Be a wonderful human.

There is no room for rude, insulting or general destructive behaviour and anyone being anything other than a cool human will be asked to leave the program. This goes for clients (you) as well as our Dent Mentors and Team.
Our Refund policy.

We don’t provide refunds if you’re not ‘getting it’ (see Agreement 3) or because you don’t show up. You have full access to live workshop sessions Australiawide, the eLearning portal and weekly personalised Q&A BlockBuster webinars, not to mention the immense power available to those who maximise the network effect of the national Alumni community.

A refund will be considered only if we aren’t delivering the program as reasonably agreed.

For clarity as to what non-delivery looks like:
1. If any single workshop sucks and the average feedback score is less than 7.

2. If alternative workshop dates/locations aren’t made available for each ‘P’ day and 20 LiveStream webinars aren’t made available to you. i.e. If you can’t make a date in your state, you’re welcome to attend elsewhere in Australia as long as you give the required notice (see Agreement 8).

3. If any of our Mentors or Team don’t keep Agreement 5 (Be Good Humans).
We get it. Sometimes stuff happens and life gets in the way, but, to be clear, refunds are not available due to ‘stuff happening’.

If a particular life circumstance such as illness, tragedy, travel, pregnancy, etc prevents you from completing the program as intended, we want to be as flexible as we can, without our Team burdening unfair costs (as per the first Agreement).
Our Transfer Policy

If stuff happens, you may pause your attendance and re-commence the program from where you left off in the following intake. This assumes you continue your payments as per the original agreement. If you wish to pause payments until you recommence, an additional transfer fee of $1500 is payable.
Notification of changing your attendance.

You’re free to transfer your attendance from any workshop date in the national schedule to another date for the same workshop, however, a place can only be guaranteed if you provide us with 3 weeks notice. If you then don’t attend the alternate workshop you nominated, you’ll be charged a $150 ‘no show’ fee, unless prior written notice has been given at least 6 days beforehand.
Please pay your fees on time

If we’re delivering what we promised and you aren’t making your payments, that’s no fun for us at all, so it’s your responsibility to ensure there are cleared funds available when payments are due.

If your account is more than 30 days in arrears, expect your card to be processed automatically. If two consecutives payments fail, or regularly default, your access to the program will be restricted until you’re up to date. Fees unpaid for more than 60 days will result in your total remaining in your total remaining debt being handed to an external collections agency.

All this stuff protects us, and you, from the minority, but we figure it’s better to be clear up front to avoid any of this stuff becoming an issue.

From here on in, it’s all about being brave, having fun, and making a Dent in the universe.

We can’t wait to get started!

P: 1300 DENT AU        ●       au@dent.global       ●       www.dent.global