Your Customers are Pretty Special!

Their experience with your brand should make them feel that way.

What We Do

We are an conversion optimization agency. We analyze your data by sifting through mounds of (data) dust to find the nuggets of golden insight.  We love it, and we’re pretty darn good at it too. 

Insight helps you make smarter decisions.

We help you define, test, and measure success on your digital channels so you can stop wasting time, money, and resources on marketing that doesn’t work, and start doing more stuff that does. 

We put you in the powerful position of understanding how your customers are thinking and acting online so you can design the experience increases conversions. We help you define, test, and measure success

Siloed marketing data is meaningless without an integrated view that tells the whole story.

To thrive in a digital marketplace, your data must show you the movie from the opening scene to the credits. During your customer's journey, each touchpoint may be tracked and measured with different systems. Each touchpoint, may be a point of friction and causing leaks in your funnels that results in lower conversions and less sales.

Taking an integrated approach to your not only your systems but your brand's digital experience with your customer is not optional today. We will work to leverage the investments you've already made in your teams and systems, and empower them to understand how to tell the real story.

Our Values


We will always add value to empower you with the insight so are confident you're making an informed decision that is best for your brand that will drive sales.


Our insightful stories are based on data. We assume nothing. We are always curious. Data can uncover golden opportunities to elevate your brand and your sales. 


We are always learning. We are always pushing ourselves and your teams beyond our comfort zones to evolve with technology, analysis, and consumer behavior to deliver better results!

We strive to be remarkable in everything we do (and do for you)!


“Marley Nonami has helped me build unstoppable marketing momentum for my business, attract more subscribers, and get more sales. They identified exactly which products we should sell and even determine when to sell them.

The results I’ve achieved have been remarkable! ”



We're in the people business, which depends on our talent and experience of a remarkable team of specialists to deliver extraordinary services to our customers.

We hire the very best people, regardless of background, and provide an environment where they can develop and grow, whilst working with some of the best brands in the world.

We're always looking for talented people to join our team, so if you think you are remarkable at what you do, then please get in touch.

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Bethanie Nonami
Bethanie Nonami
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Our Fearless Leaders

Bethanie Nonami

Bethanie is an avid reader, Audible & podcast junkie, movie goer, and foodie that loves super fast loud cars & bikes. She spends time mentoring kids with Junior Acheivement and is passionate about providing opportunities to the often overlooked gems.

Bethanie loves teaching teams how to leverage behavioral psychology, technology, data, & analytics to gain insight that improves the way you sell.

You will understand why your customers buy, or equally important, why they don’t buy. Once you know how to best engage in a conversation online, your prospect begins their experience with your brand. You will understand the journey of the customer, their emotional triggers, and the friction points that your marketing has to eliminate in order to convert them from cold stranger to warm lead to loyal advocate for your brand.

Bethanie's goal for you is to stop being the hunter and become the hunted.

Melissa Bryan

Melissa Bryan’s uncanny ability to get to the heart of what makes your customers tick stems back to her love of economics. Her econ professor use to say, “The only difference between a marketer and economist, is that a marketer gets invited to the party. Well...unless you’re Melissa.”

This social nerd jumped at the opportunity to work with Bethanie Nonami. She knew their passion and years of experience in data analytics, business strategy, technology consulting, and innovative marketing experiences would produce something spectacular.

“I love taking the theoretical and making it tactical. If I can’t measure the results, then I question why are we doing this. I guess that's the competitive side of me. The need to understand how to help my clients win.”
- Melissa

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