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A Competitive Advantage Isn't Enough Anymore

Innovate or die.

You may be thinking that using the word die is a bit dramatic. But is it?

Brands that used to dominate their market are now struggling to survive. Spending millions trying to desperately regain a portion of the foothold they worked so hard to achieve.

Trying to solve these problems with smarter people, more people, more ads (or worse more ad spend), different creative, or yet another promising agency often yields very little uplift.

We've found that just more alone, isn't enough...but innovating is. 

Our Story

Before there were mice...

Not rat mice, Windows-mouse-mice.

Anyone that remembers a day without Windows and a mouse, that is when it all began. Our roots started in a grand time called the 80's. The good old days of great music, leg warmers, Aqua Net, 411 on hot pink Conair phones, floppy discs, dot matrix printers, and green screens. 

Fast forward to the early 2000's and we have entered into the golden area of websites, not just any ol' websites, like MySpace threw up and added neon flashing banners type of websites. We built those. Yes. Yes, we did.  

As the web transformed and technology advanced, we were able to make fancier websites with banners and sliders. So now you didn't have to decide on one value proposition, you could have 5 for 10 seconds each! Score.

Oh, and now we have to master this new thing called SEO because this new search engine called Google wants to put AOL and AskJeeves out of business. HA!  (We're sorry our Millennial friends, you'll understand soon)

Smartphones ruin everything...almost

With the glory days of SEO and consistently blogging 250 crappy words a week, this new thing was introduced called an iPhone. It's supposed to be a "smartphone" (super sarcastic air quotes right there), which ironically just made every slider in the world look like crap. Not so smart after all, eh?

Luckily, we won't be defeated with another disruptive change, so we entered the world of mobile responsiveness, which turns into mobile first design, which is now turned into natural language and speakable design, which technically has nothing to do with my website, right? Wrong. It is the basis of everything on your website. 

Mind. Blown.

We were innovating without realizing we were innovators!

In fact, Melissa (one of our awesome co-Founders) did her thesis on the new thing called the Internet and how it was going to change the World and got a big fat F.

Our entire careers have been built upon knowing new technology before everyone else does. And translating those emerging technologies into value for our clients.

Not only has it been an amazing journey, it has allowed us to help brands pivot, evolve, and innovate themselves before it's too late.

Anticipating the next wave, is tough work man.  But boy, is it fun!

Over the past couple of decades, we have experienced a few major waves of innovation:

Windows, the Internet, Big Data, Smartphones

Every new wave of innovation presents us with both new challenges and new opportunities.

Opportunities to provide a validate our riskiest assumptions, better customer buying journeys, more personalized experience, easier ways to find and buy our products, and new way to frame our relationship with our customers.

Living in the land of Too

Now, it's not all rainbows and unicorns.

We now live in a world of Too.  

Too much data. First we didn't have any data, then we had Big Data, now we have too much data yet we don't feel like we have enough insight from all of this data to actually take action and do anything with it. Lame.

Too many software providers. There are over 5,000 technologies focused on JUST MARKETING! In. Sane.

Too many options.

Pick one too: Ads, Social Channels, Influencers, Media Outlets, Agencies, and thousands of other options 

None of us have time or money to waste on things that won't move the needle. That's where innovation and emerging technologies can help.

So What is the Next Wave already???

There are 3 things all brands (and companies alike) need to be doing, like right now.

  • Schema or Markup (Think SEO meets Captain Marvel - Best super-heroine ever!)
  • Voice & Assisted Search (Think Alexa meets The Jetsons but Waaaay better)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (The Foundation of Your Evolution)

The Jetsons are Here Folks

If you are thinking this is way to futurist for you, we understand. If you are open to understand how these things can change the trajectory of your brand keep reading.  

But if you were late to adopt any of the waves that have already past (Internet, Smartphones, Big Data & Analytics), then we probably aren't the best partner for you because what we do is innovate and what you may fear is change and those two don't play well in the sandbox together. We mean that in the most nurturing and loving way possible (imagine hands shaped as hearts here sending you more love than a perfectly styled IG person). We wish you the very best.

Back to the Jetson's. Oh, they are here, my friend.  The future is now.

Self-driving cars  - Check

Robot Dogs - Check

Ordering food from a screen and having it delivered to your table - Check

Well, semantic searching, assisted search, voice, and machine learning are also here.

And only the brands that are looking to keep or gain the first mover advantage are embracing the innovation to disrupt and lead their category. And if domination is not your thing, voice and machine learning can be used to just get noticed in a super distracted digital consumer world.


“Marley Nonami has helped me build unstoppable marketing momentum for my business... The results I’ve achieved have been remarkable! ”


Our Fearless Leaders

Bethanie Nonami

Bethanie is an avid reader, Audible & podcast junkie, movie goer, and foodie that loves super fast loud cars & bikes. She spends time mentoring kids with Junior Acheivement, since her kids won't listen, and is passionate about providing opportunities to the often overlooked gems (aka the underdogs).

Bethanie loves teaching teams how to leverage behavioral psychology, technology, data, & analytics to gain a better position in your brand category.

You will understand why your customers buy, or equally important, why they don’t buy. Once you know how to best engage in a conversation online, your prospect begins their experience with your brand. You will understand the journey of the customer, their emotional triggers, and the friction points that your marketing has to eliminate in order to convert them from cold stranger to warm lead to loyal advocate for your brand.

Bethanie's goal for you is to stop being the hunter and become the hunted.


Melissa Bryan

Melissa Bryan’s uncanny ability to get to the heart of what makes your customers tick stems back to her love of economics. Her econ professor use to say, “The only difference between a marketer and economist, is that a marketer gets invited to the party. Well...unless you’re Melissa.”

This social nerd jumped at the opportunity to work with Bethanie Nonami. She knew their passion and years of experience in data analytics, business strategy, technology consulting, and innovative marketing experiences would produce something spectacular.

“I love taking the theoretical and making it tactical. If I can’t measure the results, then I question why are we doing this. I guess that's the competitive side of me. The need to understand how to help my clients win.”
- Melissa

What's Up with the Name?

The Marley Part

Being a child born in the heart of the age of feminism, was named Melissa, which could be shortened to Mel. That way Mel(issa) could be perceived as a man's name and would get further in the business world.

Melissa always loved the name Marley and many times wished she had a name that was freely chosen, not forced based on society's norm.  She decided she was going to name her daughter Marley since she will be born into a world much more open and fair and her name will not determine what opportunities she was given or denied. 

Melissa had 2 boys instead of a little girl, so Marley is the free spirited equality for all part of our business. This is something that is not only close to Melissa's heart but has become somewhat of her personal obsession mission and is clear and present in our day to day drive to help brands win that align with these important values.

The Nonami Part

Bethanie was adpoted and given her adopted father's last name. After joining a new family, Bethanie's mom fled for their lives and left her husband, while he was at the store picking up groceries. With only what she could fit in the truck (which was in the hood) of her 1975 bright yellow VW Beetle, Bethanie's Mom drove straight from DC to New Mexico only stopping for gas, food, and potty breaks running on pure fear and adrenalin. (real Lifetime movie style)

Fast forward 20+ years, Bethanie and her husband decided to change their last names when they got married. Bethanie's husband also had a past that connected his last name to a person that was never present in his life.  Nonami is Native American for legend, which is meant their legacy and their lives. The name is a symbol of their commitment to serve others and truly doing remarkable things that are worthy of being legendary.

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Bethanie Nonami
Bethanie Nonami

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