Don’t Let Your Website Get You Sued -
The shocking truth about the new

ADA Website Compliance Rules


tUEsday         march 24th          2pm EDT

Truth #1

Last year over 150,000 businesses were sued - Sadly 93% of them still ended up paying out a small fortune in fines.

In the last 2 years, ADA Web Compliance Lawsuit demands increased by over 300%. Business owners are being targeted with frivolous lawsuits, and jaw dropping complaints, yet a whopping 93% of these cases ended up settling out of court and those businesses had to pay fines ranging from from $20,000 up to a whopping $150,000, or more! What’s worse, is that these business owners had absolutely NO idea there were regulations that they even needed to comply with, until it was far too late. Don’t let this be you! Get in the know. Now. What you don’t know can cost you. Learn the strategies to succeed and the pitfalls to avoid.

Truth #2

What you don’t know CAN (and will) hurt you - Learn the simple steps that you can take (right now) to avoid an ADA Web Compliance Lawsuit and protect your business

These lawsuits can be easily avoided IF you know “What” to do, and exactly “How” to do it. Learn the simple steps that you can take (right now) and the sure-fire methods you can implement to protect your business. You’ll learn how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to your own website and industry, and how to protect all digital aspects of your business (including PDFs, Guidebooks, Instruction Manuals, and other useful documents) so that you can better protect your interests.

Truth #3

Don’t make this one simple (but really Stupid) $66,000 mistake - it will cost you FAR more than just cold hard cash

After receiving a demand letter, this organization wasted over $66,000 on expensive consulting fees that they thought were going to help them fight (and win) their lawsuit. It didn’t! It was a total waste of money spent. They were still found to be non-compliant and had to pay the penalties. Learn from people that have experienced the hardships of this new ADA Act, and discover the innocent mistakes they made to that still got them into trouble. Use these hard learned lessons to know what you can do to avoid problems and ensure your company doesn’t make the same mistakes.

Truth #4

Learn the #1 THING that you should be doing (right now) to better protect yourself - not only will it save you a fortune, but it Will Give you peace of mind

Knowledge is power. Understand what guidelines are accepted by the courts in order to comply with ADA Federal Regulations. Learn if your business is in a State that is vulnerable and seeing the highest number of lawsuits nationwide. Uncover the simple solutions for protecting your business immediately. You deserve to know the truth. Learn from the mistakes of others.

This 30-minute webinar could change your life and literally save your company thousands upon thousands of dollars, plus a whole LOT of stress, and negative publicity that nasty lawsuits brings. 

Go from being “reactive” to being “proactive” and prepare for the possibilities before they arrive. Proper preparation prevents poor outcomes. Set yourself up for success now. Sign up today!

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