Leverage the Latest Industry Research to

Increase Airport Revenue &

Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Discover the latest industry research on the future of the airport guest experience. We’ve combined data from multiple trusted industry sources to give you an accelerated path to understand how to make incremental improvements to your guest experience. Learn our secret formula to calculate your return on experience investment. Understand where to focus your resources to get the highest ROI.



Learn ways to get better before you're forced to.

Here's what you'll discover in this 30-minute Master Class:

Increase Non-Aeronautical Revenue & Employee Productivity

Did you know that just a 1% increase in customer satisfaction can create an increase in revenue of 1.5% non-aeronautical revenue?

CLIFF Notes of the latest industry research & Data Summarized

We’ve summarized the latest passenger survey data, research, and data about how which aspects of the customer experience can improve your revenue.

Hear the Not-so-Common Delighters that Move the Needle

Your airport is filled with opportunities to reduce your customer's stress, bring a smile to their face, and create a remarkable experience that leads to an increase in sales.

What’s the Next Step to begin tiny Incremental Innovations?

Learn how to calculate the ROI to begin to innovate the customer experience with small, incremental changes, even with your current constraints and resources.

In just 30 minutes, you may learn inspiring ways to 

breathe new life into your guest's experience in your airport.

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2:00 PM

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