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"Our Customers have enough stress to deal with on a daily basis, being lost shouldn't be one of them."

- Bethanie Nonami, CEO, Marley Nonami Incorporated

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We specialize in creating remarkable customer navigational experiences, designed with data-driven insight and innovative technology to increases employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenues. 

Wh​​​​at's with the name?

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The Marley Part

In Melissa's family feminism is a family value - starting with her great-grandmother who was an unmarried flapper in the 20's. No man was going to keep her down or tell her what she could or couldn't do.

When Melissa was born, her mother predestined her to be a successful business women. Because she didn't want Melissa to be sexually discriminated against, she chose the name ‘Melissa’ as it could be shortened to a man’s name - Mel.

In keeping with family tradition, and with a professional musician as a husband, Melissa was planning on naming her little girl ‘Marley’. But fate had decided she was instead destined to be a boy mom - which she loves.

The ‘Marley’ in Marley Nonami represents the free-spirited equality that we have built within all part of our business. It is something that is not only close to Melissa's heart, but has also become somewhat of her personal obsession mission. This free-spirited equality is clear and present in our day-to-day drive and mission to help brands who also align with these important values.

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The Nonami Part

Bethanie was adopted and given her adopted father's last name. After joining a new family, and while her father was at the store picking up groceries, Bethanie's mom took her and fled for their lives. With only what she could fit in the trunk of her car, which was actually the hood of her 1975 bright yellow VW Beetle, Bethanie's Mom drove straight from D.C. to New Mexico. Running on pure fear and adrenalin in what felt like a real Lifetime movie, they only stopped for gas, food, and potty breaks.

Fast forward 20-plus years, Bethanie's husband also had a past that connected his last name to a person that was never present in his life – so they decided to start a new legacy with a new last name that represented the life they were going to build. They chose the name ‘Nonami’, which is Native American for ‘legend’ and which was a better representation of their legacy and their lives.

Together, the name Marley Nonami symbolizes our commitment to serve others by truly doing remarkable things that are worthy of being legendary.

Bethanie is the author of Discovered: Dominate online and voice search without wasting time or money

Bethanie is a speaker and thought leader