We break barriers and don't see limits when it comes to achieving results for your organization.

Infinite Opportunities! Infinite Growth!

Transforming organizations into market leaders is our mission. We don't accept limits. We understand what it takes to take calculated risks that deliver proven results consistently, and predictably.  We add a new level to the playing field so our clients win.

We Close the Gap Between You and Your Customers

We want you to build the life and business you dreamed of when you started and better. Our mission is to help million dollar CEOs achieve multi-million dollar success consistently and predictably faster with less stress so they can make more money and have more time to do what they love with the people, communities, and charities that matter the most.

We are your partners. We have a commitment to pave the way for your success. Each client partnership is based on honest open communication and collaboration. Inclusivity is celebrated. Diverse perspectives are mandatory. We are in the constant pursuit of improvement with a relentless drive and focus on your profitability.

What Matters to Us

Our Mission

We have big dreams, BIG, BIG dreams.  We want to empower 1 million women business owners to build multi-million dollar, sustainable, leveraged businesses.

We want to improve systemic problems in the United States. We want to support those that are often invisible, forgotten, or underserved. We want to help serve Foster Kids, the Aging, Veterans, Felons, and everyone else that doesn't fit the mold society deems as worthy.

The more women business owners that have power, influence, and money, the more positive change we can impact on a global scale to help us leave the world better than it was when it came into it.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are in everything we do and everyone we work, including our clients.  What is important to us may not be important to you. And that's OK. But we do ask that our client honor and respect our core values and if that is something you can't do, we aren't the best partner for you. Here is our client agreements that we ask our clients and partners to commit to.

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Treat Everyone with Respect and Compassion

Serve the Customer Above All Else

Strive for Continuous Self-Improvement

Over Deliver Every Time

Fanatical Attention to Detail

Hi, I'm Bethanie

I am the CEO and founder of Marley Nonami. I have proven record as an incredible sales strategist that empowers minority and women business owners to break 7 figure sales records faster with less effort.

My team helps business owners generate leveraged streams of revenue and sell with ease so that you can have the life and business better than you ever imagined.

I am a foodie that loves fast and loud cars (muscle and performance cars). I am on a mission to help minority and women business owners become millionaires to break barriers, build generational wealth and join us to have a greater impact on humanity.

We've Had a lot to Say 😁

what's with the name?

the marley part

The Marley name carries an obligation to illuminate the world around them. It's a very powerful responsibility. People often have far more potential than they know. It's important that we surrender to higher ideals. We all have the capacity to see the bigger picture and we ALL possess the skills to inspire others.


Bethanie was adopted and given her adopted father's last name. After joining a new family, and while her father was at the store picking up groceries, Bethanie's mom took her and fled for their lives. With only what she could fit in the trunk of her car, which was actually the hood of her 1975 bright yellow VW Beetle, Bethanie's Mom drove straight from D.C. to New Mexico. Running on pure fear and adrenalin in what felt like a real Lifetime movie, they only stopped for gas, food, and potty breaks.

Fast forward 20-plus years, Bethanie's husband also had a past that connected his last name to a person that was never present in his life – so they decided to start a new legacy with a new last name that represented the life they were going to build. They chose the name ‘Nonami’ (pronounced No-nah-me), which is Native American for ‘legend’ and which was a better representation of their purpose, their legacy and their vision for their lives.

Together, the name Marley Nonami symbolizes our commitment to serve others by truly doing remarkable things that are worthy of being legendary.

Our Successful Clients 

we think we're pretty capable

We are proud to be certified Minority Woman-Owned Business (WBENC, NMSDC) and AC/DBE. Please also check out our Certifications.


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