Innovation is the only superpower that can defeat competitive kryptonite. 

A Competitive Advantage Isn't Enough Anymore

Innovate or die.

We are committed to bringing the most innovative opportunities to our world-class clients.


Staying on top of ever-changing consumer behaviors, new technology solutions, and constantly increasing competition while trying to stay ahead of the curve has becoming a nearly impossible daunting task.  

Some the of the best brands in the world still struggle to make sense of the massive amounts of data across all channels to form a cohesive "one personalized experience" strategy. 

Our optimization and innovation strategies take the guess work out of your omni-channel teams strategies. With over 20 years of mastering technology and innovation combined behavior and emotional psychology of customers, we help brands innovate and win in their categories. 

Our proven methodology combines advanced market intelligence & Research techniques with innovative technology to increase revenue & ROI

  • analyze the customer’s digital experience and buying journey
  • profile, find, and validate Highest Value Customer Assumptions
  • Optimize the Path to purchase (looking for leaks, missed opportunities)
  • check
    Use voice to provide assistance during the customer's buying journey
  • check
    Build machine learning (artificial intelligence) to help make better decisions with a high level of confidence way better than we can as humans
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    Connecting Digital to Retail activations & traditional media plays
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    Create personalized customer centric digital experiences

Customer Journey Assessment and Optimization

Get the insight you need to make informed decisions

We distill your data and resources down into insight that you can leverage to drive a measurable path to purchase strategy.

We will help you understand the customer buying journey, friction points, and validate your assumptions along the buying journey!

Digital Retail Activation

Optimizing the digital customer journey before, during and after a retail activation using search intent, consumer insights, and behavior triggers.

We use cutting edge search techniques with innovation technology to create memorable activations!

Innovation Strategy & Consulting

Companies that win do so by innovating and disrupting the norm. Our current innovation projects are focusing on voice assistance (Alexa, Google), voice search, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bots.

With over 30 years of innovating under our belts, we give your brand an advantage that isn't even on your competition's radar. That's how you win!

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The funnest nerds you'd ever want to hang, learn, and grow with

We help people find your amazing brand by combining data, research, psychology, voice, machine learning and technology to help you  so you can sell more, faster. Combining 40 years of technology, marketing, and strategy, we advise brands and agency teams how to leverage our proven methodology to innovate with voice, artificial intelligence and machine learning to move as fast as your buyer ad faster than your competition.

Our current nerd obsession is on using voice technology, A/I or machine learning, bots, to assist people during the buying journey.

We are investigators, researchers, and translators that tie everything to revenue ‘cuz if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.