Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Navigating The World Can be Scary

It doesn't have to be.

We help your customers find their way.

No one likes being lost or confused.

Presenting: Digital Wayfinding

Remember your father refusing to ask for directions. Being lost is frustrating and stressful. Thank goodness for pioneering technology like MapQuest. Saving marriages and family vacations.

With the advent of smartphones and the constant improvements with geolocation (where you are on the map), we are making being lost a thing of the past.  

Digital Wayfinding helps people navigate the outside and indoor world with an easy. Our delightful experience  eliminates the stress and anxiety that comes along with uncertainty and being lost.

Eliminate Customers Navigation Challenges and Pains with Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding | Marley Nonami
  • Eliminate the frustration of navigating new or congested places
  • Eliminate the emotional and physical exhaustion of being lost. 
  • Improve employee productivity (since they don't have to give directions all the time).
  • Create an experience to reduces the anxiety and the fear of the unknown
  • Help visitors navigate your facilities like a champ!

Lost Customers Costs Money Too!




Large Spaces

 80% of delayed flights are due to late passengers

78% of hospital staff give directions 3 times a week

87% prospective students want a tech -savvy institution

It's difficult for people to navigate large, complex buildings (Stadiums, Convention Centers, Courthouses, Cities)

A daily 15 minute flight delay can cost $373K per year

People ask for directions every 30 feet of travel if they are uncertain of where they are in your hospital.

97% of students believe that supportive tech is as important as teaching & learning tech

Stress and frustration has an effect on productivity, revenues, and customer satisfaction

Airline passenger travel is expected to triple by 2035

13,000 hours annually on lost customers costs $260K (based on $20/hour)

85% believe a centralized app would have eased their transition to school

People often remember the worst part of their experience

The average cost of aircraft block time for US airline is $68 per minute

Lost, stressed, and frustrated patients and staff affect care provided and patient outcomes

Students expect highly personalized digital experiences

A better navigational experience can lead to increases in revenue and satisfaction

Indoor Navigation is now 

Accessible & affordable with Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding helps organizations create unparalleled Customer Experiences that turn their smartphones into their personal best friend guiding them from their front door to their destination inside your facilities.

Use Digital Wayfinding Now!

Making Navigation Delightful (yes, it is possible) With Digital Wayfinding

Our Indoor Navigation Solution is the Most Flexible & Full Featured Platform

  • Create maps to solve your business problems. Public map to help customers navigate. A private map for facilities or security teams.
  • Manage Points of Interest such as bathrooms, elevators, escalators, meeting rooms, concessions, assets, or even people.
  • Navigation built on Google Maps. It's familiar and widely used around the World.
  • Navigation transitions from outdoors to indoors seamlessly without interruption.
  • We do the hard part. If you can provide building diagrams (CAD), we can do almost everything without taking your precious time. Maps can be done in a few weeks.
  • Our maps scale! You can use them on your website, Google Maps, and mobile apps.
  • You have options! We are compatible with several indoor positioning hardware types (WIFI, Bluetooth beacons, lighting, geomagnetic sensor fields).
  • Indoor navigation is an essential technology platform that does not require the users to upgrade to modern devices to enjoy the services.

See our Indoor map Solution in Action

See Digital Wayfinding Experience Snippets and Content Management Overview Video (2 mins), plus Client References. 

We believe in making the best experience accessible to everyone 

at the lowest possible cost. 

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