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with no Facebook ads, no complicated funnels, no cyber-stalking people on Linkedin, and no Dancing on TikTok.

We Don't Know What We Don't Know

Most of us business owners have been lied to.

We've been told if we spend time and money on Marketing and that will lead to sales. 

But that is not true. If you sell B2B, sales meetings leads to sales. 

Most of us start our marketing and advertising before we master sales.

And we are so confused as to why it's not working.

We do ALL the things and it is downright exhausting.

STOP wasting time, energy, or money on the things that don't lead to sales.

We Get You Results

But how can you grow your business without sales? You can't.

And the sad truth is... no one really likes selling.

Giving is easy. Asking is hard.

That's where we come in.

We will get you sales meetings guaranteed with your ideal customer that has a pain and is looking for a solution. 

Why Chose Us

This is what we do, all day, every day.

We know you're busy and the last thing you want to do is waste weeks with another agency or course that promises to deliver incredible results.

We value and respect your time, so we have streamlined the process.

Work our magic and before you know it, you're responding to people that want to book sales meetings with you to learn about your services.

How amazing is that?!

Our Proven Sales Methodology

We actually do have a proven methodology that consistently and predictably delivers sales meetings.  

This is an iterative process that we will continually improve over time. 

The better the conversions, the more sales.

The more buttoned up your message, the more money you make.

The better the numbers, the more free time you have.

We work hard to make all of those things better so you can focus on one thing, closing deals.

lead generation marketing strategy
1. Strategize
lead generation - how to target your audience
2. Target Ideal Audience
lead generation
3. Feed the Funnel
lead generation - increase sales
4. Optimize & Repeat

Hi, I'm Bethanie

I am on a mission to help ambitious women business owners build companies that experience exponential, sustainable growth that breaks society's norms and expectations.

We help them get more sales, in less time, with less effort, so that they can scale and grow their business more quickly and more easily in order to live the life of their dreams.

I am the CEO and founder of Marley Nonami. I have a proven record as an incredible sales  strategist that empowers women CEOs to break 7 and 8-figure sales records faster with less effort and less stress.

We are honored to be a part of your journey and can't wait for you to get these sales meetings lined up so you can make more money and have more free time to spend doing the things you love with the people, communities, and charities that matter most to you.

Client Success & Results

$750K Net Win in Marketing & Sales Optimization

By following the strategies and tactics recommended by our partners, Marley Nonami, we decreased our costs to acquire our customers by $250K and we increased sales by $500K. They saved my business. I was close to closing the doors. They helped me re-engage past customers, that I neglected, and helped my optimize my entire business. They even coached me out of running my own business with their EOS Traction experience. We couldn't be happier.

Grew Team by 200% during COVID

After the COVID shutdown, I was afraid I wouldn't recover. We have tripled our team. We have to move to a new space in Fall of 2021 because we have outgrown our current space. And we are running a steady 4-6 week waitlist and our training sessions are sold out for the rest of the year. Marley Nonami is different. They care about my business. They want me to thrive and be successful. You don't meet people like them everyday but when you do, you hold on with dear life. I will be a client as long as they will have me.

Increased Sales from $3m to $16m in 2 years

Our International company was failing BAD in the US market. We were working at a loss and bleeding money, even selling $3m a year.  The Marley Nonami team told us the hard truth about what assumptions we were making and how our strategy was all wrong. Had we not hired them, I'm not sure we would have survived another year. They helped us get our marketing, sales, and online strategy in sync. They helped us change our mindset about how to sell and market. They have made a permanent impression on our company.

Our Awesome Clients

Our 100% Guarantee

We Guarantee you will get more sales meetings. If you don't, we will continue to work with you until you do.

This guarantee is based on your ability to be open to trying new things and validate your market, your message, and potentially your ideal clients. Our goal is that you get the best possible sales meetings lined up for you to be successful and exceed your sales goals faster with less stress and headaches.

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