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Families like to share and give back to one another...and since you're now like family, we want to give you $500 for every business owner referral you provide that results in a project. The sooner you start sharing, so quicker we can start giving.

Be a Hero: Help Another Business Owner Out

We've been working hard helping local businesses stay afloat as they've been forced to pivot to respond to COVID. We were super pumped to find out about an obscure tax credit, buried deep in the tax code, that will give business owners a $5K marketing rebate.

This is 100% legit can be verified by their Accountant or Tax Attorney. We simply add a piece of compliance software to their website as part of the Targeted Growth Marketing Project that is guaranteed to get more customers in their door. It's that simple.

How to Claim Your $500 Referral Fee

Understand the IRS Rebate Qualifications

In order to claim this IRS rebate, the business has to meet one of the two criteria:

  • Qualification 1:  They have less than 30 Full Time Employees OR less than $1 million in gross receipts.
  • Qualification 2: They paid at least $10,200 on taxes last year OR they will this year.
Know Who is Ideal

We are using this obscure tax credit to help medium sized business owners grow and increase sales. There is a specific business profile that we know how to make win. Here are the characteristics we use to qualify and gauge the possibility of success:

  • They have a physical business location.
  • They have a website. Not necessary but certainly helps.
  • They have attempted to do some form of online marketing already (website optimization, SEO (search engine optimization), Google My Business, paid ads, social media anything, etc).
  • They are coachable, they listen, they take action, and they value good advice.
  • Not mandatory but highly preferred: They pass your fun test (aka you would hang out with them if given a choice) and they are good people to work with.
  • Consider themselves a medium-sized business (over $300K annually)
  • In full transparency, the starting project price is $5K, which is the full amount of the IRS rebate. They should be able to afford this and value their time more than their money.
  • NOTE: PPP & EIDL Loan proceeds may be used for this project.
Think About Your Network

Now that you know the type of business owner we are looking for. Who are the first 3 people that come to mind.  

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