Google My Business Management Services

Get a $5K IRS Rebate to Stand Out Online

Uncle Sam will give you a $5K to Do Marketing Better.
That means your business can stand out online, attract more profitable customers in a cost-effective manner.

Google My Business Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

Increase Sales

Google My Business Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

Stand Out Online

Google My Business Optimization Service  | Marley Nonami

Attract More Customers

Google My Business Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

Fill Your Pipeline

Increase Growth by Attracting More Customers

Typically, our customers are CEOs of medium-sized businesses.

One of their biggest challenges is intense competition. They are always looking for ways to differentiate from their competitors and increase visibility to attract more ideal customers to generate growth and sustainability.

We provide proven marketing strategies that help local business owners stand out with a differentiated and visible brand online to win in a noisy, overcrowded marketplace. 

Often times, clients go from being overwhelmed and frustrated with all things marketing to being crystal clear on the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, and HOW to attract more profitable customers and increase revenue by implementing proven Google My Business Management Services strategies to catapult online visibility and growth. 

The Data Tells the Whole Story

Turn to search first to solve a problem
Google a Word-of-Mouth referral
Are Done Researching before they call

How the IRS $5K Rebate Helps You

We understand how you can use this "obscure" tax code to grow your bottom line. You will save money and make more money!
Sound too good to be true? Nope. IT IS TRUE!

Google My Business Support | Marley Nonami

increase growth

Grow regardless of how intense your competition may be. We've beat top websites like the and for "impossible" search terms.

Google My Business Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

attract more customers

We have a common goal, to find you more of the most profitable customers possible. More of your dream clients that understand your value and have no problem paying for it.

Google My Business Optimization | Marley Nonami

stand out online

Yes, it is possible. You may have tried everything and you are over it. We get it. Most of our clients have too. Your business can differentiate and dominate online.

Google My Business Expert | Marley Nonami

increase visibility

It doesn't matter how awesome you are if no one can find you. The average person sees 4,000 ads per day, we increase visibility organically with consumers that are looking to book or buy your services.

Google My Business Marketing Agency | Marley Nonami

increase marketshare

Word of mouth doesn't matter any more. 96% of people that are given a referral will still Google your business before they ever call you. So, you have to be visible and credible to increase your marketshare.

GMB Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

proven strategies

We've spent over 2 decades, learning, testing, pivoting, and optimizing. We assume nothing, test everything, and start optimizing on day 1. Our strategy yield results in as little as 30 days, but start kicking butt in 90 days!

GMB Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

Our Clients

"Simply Brilliant!"

"Working with Bethanie and her team was game changing. We started getting calls from our Google My Business Profile within 4 weeks. Their work has allowed us to increase our staff by 200% and we are on a 4-week waiting list (even during COVID). Superb. Just simply brilliant. I am deeply grateful!"

 - Amber

"Where were you 5 years ago?"

"I wish I would have found Marley Nonami 5 years ago. I would have saved so much time, money, and stress. The process was seamless and they protected my budget and made better decisions than I would have. Plus, they make money for me while I sleep (which is much more soundly now)!"


Top Notch...Best Experience with an Agency I've ever had.

"I worked with global agencies that charge millions and this team was professional, innovative, and genuinely cared about my results. Everything was just top notch. After working with agencies over my 40 year career, I would refer the Marley Nonami team to anyone struggling to gain traction online. Hands down, they deserve 10 stars!!!"


Google My Business Marketing Agency

Optimize Your Online Business Card (Google)

Leverage Expert Google My Business Management Services

It's time to admit that our new business card starts with on our online presence. It doesn't matter how awesome you are, if customers can't find you in the top results of Google, they will never experience your awesomeness. That's where we come in and work our magic. Our proven process has helped our clients outrank online behemoths like and the for highly competitive terms. Our strategy helps your business be more visible so you can attract more profitable customers within 90 days with our Google My Business (GMB) Optimization Services. 

STEP 01.

  • Stop marketing to everyone everywhere. It's exhausting and never gives you the results you want, ever.
  • We get clear on your highest value customer, clear on your messaging and craft a winning strategy so customers find you when they are looking for you!

STEP 02.

  • 96% of word of mouth referrals will Google your business before they call you. What is your first online impression?
  • We optimize your online business persona to be different and reflect the value you bring.

STEP 03.

  • This is where the rubber hits the road. Your online profile gets SUPERSIZED.
  • Your brand becomes THE go to brand on Google My Business and Maps.
  • We target the most profitable customer and compel them to call you first.

Get started now!

Grow Your Business Faster and Better and Get the IRS put $5K Towards it!

Google My Business Management Services
GMB Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

Clients Don't Hire Us for More of the Same

Typically, our clients are medium size companies operating at regional level. One of their biggest challenge is the intense competition in the marketplace. They are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and become more visible – with the aim to attract more customers and grow the business.

When working with us, you gain clarity on what and how to communicate and innovate to stand out in a cluttered marketplace online to dominate and win. Leverage the untapped Google Maps and Voice search with our Google My Business Management Services Rapid Results Package!

It's time to take charge of your business growth!

google my business services

Ready to Get Growing?

Not Quite Time

  • You've never run Marketing Campaigns before or you are new to Marketing.
  • You do everything today, including the Marketing.
  • You've never spent $5,000 on Marketing, Ads, and Agency, or Consultant.

It looks like it's not quite time for us to work together. We don't want to be the cause of financial hardship on you, your family, or your company. We want to help you when it makes sense to do so.

Potential Opportunity

  • You have run Marketing Campaigns before.
  • You have hired people, freelancers, consultants or agencies to help with Marketing.
  • You understand that Marketing and Advertising support sales but are not 100% the cause of sales.

It sounds like you may be a fit for us. You play the game and you want to win. But just to make sure, we should have a quick chat to see.

Ready to Grow!

  • You have run Marketing Campaigns, Initiatives, Launches, and Specials to drive more sales.
  • You may feel like you have Marketed everywhere or to everyone.
  • You have a proven sales and follow up process.
  • You can track sales and metrics related to sales.

If you feel like you've tried everything and you just want results by someone that gets it, then we should chat.

With Our Google My Business Management Services, we assure you

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90-Days


If, we do not deliver on the amazing goals we set together, you can get a full refund anytime 90 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly Account Manager and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. We have skin in the game too and we treat this as a partnership that we take seriously. We're accountable with you. Guarantee is available for our Google My Business Management Services. Guarantee does not apply to paid Ad Campaigns.

GMB Optimization Service | Marley Nonami

Frequently asked questions

Is this $5K IRS "Tax Credit" Legit?

Yes! We didn't believe it either. So, we had our Accountant check it out and she used to work for the IRS. It is absolutely 100% legit. Once we tell you about the tax code, please run it past your Accountant, too!

Is this a Done For You Service?

Absolutely. Nothing sucks more than hiring someone to do a job for you and they turn around and give you more work to do. We will need your input on your most profitable customers, your current and past marketing efforts, your sales goals, and basic project requirements. We handle most of this in a 2 hour project kickoff/strategy session with our joint teams.

What if I don't have a physical location?

We can still help but we need to discuss your strategy and goals to determine how we can help accelerate meeting your goals and set proper expectations. Then, both teams can properly estimate the value of your investment.

Do you work with people that can't use the Tax Credit?

Yes, helping medium sized business stand out online is what we do. Optimizing Google My Business and Google search is our happy place. But the $5K IRS Tax Credit is just icing on top of the cake and if you can't get the free money, we can still help you win online.

What if I don't have an online presence, will this still work?

Absolutely. But to be fully transparent, it may take a bit more time than 90 days to see the amazing results we guarantee. We will set proper expectations from Day 1. If the timing doesn't align with your goals and we can't help you win, will will tell you and point you in the right direction for someone else that may be a better fit.

Want to work with us?

No time to hop on a call? No worries.
You can text us if you have any questions.