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We help ambitious women CEOs make more money so you can spend time doing what you love with the people, communities, and charities that matter the most.

Let's take your business to the next level

We Deliver Results Because

We Focus on What Works!

We have one goal to get you results. We work hard to help you master selling your own services on a consistent and predictable basis.

Go Faster

There is a better way. You can get results and focus on what works, don't waste any more time and money on things that don't lead to sales.

More Freedom

Stop trading time for money and get your time and your life back. Get the life you imagined when you started your business in the first place. It's possible.

More Time

Once you spend time on what works, you free up your time that was being wasted on "all the things" and shiny objects that took too much time from you. 

Greater Impact

Take your business to the next level. Make more money. Reach more people. Have a greater impact through your business or your personal contributions.

“I have spent years working hard to build my business. I had no idea I could grow and scale my business easier. Bethanie gave us a way in increase sales by 20x in less than 2 years. Where were you 5 years ago!?!?!”


Our Proven Methodology

We know what we do works. In fact, we actually guarantee a 10X Return on Investment within 90 days (yet honestly, most clients see a 10x return within the first month of working with us). Not only that, but we typically find about $500k worth of missed opportunities in a business by quickly focusing on their #1 THING ... which is sales.

lead generation marketing strategy
1. Strategize

Create a strategy that leverages your strengths, your business, your time, and your resources.

lead generation - how to target your audience
2. Most Profitable Customers

Connect with your most profitable customers. We target the top 4% of your market.

lead generation
3. Feed the Funnel

Use sales & marketing tactics that are working today on the modern, savvy buyer. 

lead generation - increase sales
4. Optimize & Repeat

The goal is above average conversions that produce consistent, repeatable, and predictable results. 

Ways to Work With Us

Sales Meetings

Can you take on more clients and sales meetings in the next month? We get results.We figure out what works, at scale. Our service based business owners that sell B2B make more money faster with us.

What Our Clients Say

We were doing all the things and nothing was working. We wasted over $100K and thousands of hours on marketing and agencies that did not work. Once we started working with Bethanie, we finally had a strategy and path to follow that actually worked.

Leslie M.

Bethanie and her team are incredible. I had so many gaps and blind spots that I didn't even realize I had. I was losing thousands per week and I had no idea.  Bethanie's mind is 10 steps ahead thinking about the next move, which has given us a huge advantage over our competition. So grateful that we hired her.


We have hired so many agencies that we thought would be the last one. We did not want to hire another person that would just let us down but thank goodness we did.  We got more out of one day with Bethanie than the last 3 agencies we worked with. I only wish I found her 10 years ago!


Our 100% Guarantee

We Guarantee you will get more sales meetings. If you don't, we will continue to work with you until you do.

This guarantee is based on your ability to be open to trying new things and validate your market, your message, and potentially your ideal clients. Our goal is that you get the best possible sales meetings lined up for you to be successful and exceed your sales goals faster with less stress and headaches.

Our Awesome Clients


Take Your Business to the Next Level