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Marketers are wrong all the time!

Chances are, you’ve worked with marketers before and have been less than blown away by the results.

Unfortunately, when talking with clients, we’ve found over and over again that what the marketing firms they hire do has more to do with advertising than marketing.

Let us explain . . .

Advertising is a form of marketing communication. It’s purpose is to promote or sell your products and services. Advertising focuses on creative positioning and media - brand colors, pretty fonts, fancy photos.

Marketing is the process you go through to prepare your product for your clients. It involves understanding WHO your potential customers are, WHAT they want to get out of your product or service, and WHY they want to buy from you and not your competitor.

So, if you want to make sure your website looks pretty, you might consult with an advertising expert.

If you want to be sure that your website doesn’t just look good - but actually speaks to your ideal customer, engages them, and moves them to take action (aka buy your products and services) - you need a marketing expert.

And that’s where we come in.

It all starts with understanding your audience and who your customer is.

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    Do you know your ideal client or customer's persona?
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    Do you know why they buy from you?
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    Do you know why they didn't buy from you?
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    Do you know how they find you?
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    Do you know what problem you are really solving for them?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, please answer this final question:

How much of what you know has been validated by your customers with research and data? And how much of what you (think) you know is based on assumption?

You know what they say about assumptions . . .

If you don’t have answers to the questions above, or are working on assumptions and not data, then you could be missing a huge opportunity to increase your revenue and sales!

You have access to data. Data that tells the story
 about why your customers behave they way they do. 
We help you turn data into revenue.

What We Do

growing your business

We advise you on how to rapidly jump-start your company’s growth (whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for decades).

By uniquely combining our expertise of strategy, technology, analytics, and marketing, we help businesses position themselves as the go-to leader in their market.

We use proven growth techniques to increase client acquisition, qualified leads, retention and referrals, while improving processes, systems and automation to support long term growth initiatives.

Our powerful data-driven approach to growth is unique and necessary for any business whose ultimate goal is to grow with a successful strategy (instead of guessing and making assumptions).

We help you understand your market, your differentiators, and your customers better so you can SELL MORE FASTER!

Don't take out word for it

My business is 100% online at this point so my online presence is #1 for me. Marley Nonami helps increase my traffic and conversions. I also love that they can analyze the data and help me understand the results of what they did and what else could help improve it. They helped me with getting interviews and quotes in online media to link back to my website.
- Elicia

I can't grow and scale my business without their wisdom of putting the technology together with marketing and automation.  The most efficient ways to put together a funnel, and getting names and emails automatically --that whole system! - Judy

Marley Nonami is a 10! She has changed my business in ways I couldn't have ever imagined!  I went from project to project trading time for dollars, now I have annual and monthly recurring income that sustains my business passively while I can choose projects to work on.- Mitko

Their knowledge of how to start and grow a business and how to integrate that with all the online and technology pieces is invaluable. You can't have a business today without getting the technology, processes and systems right. I started this business the right way, primed to scale bigger than any 7 figure business I have ever had before.
- Bonnie

They went above and beyond what was promised. The value I got from working with her was so great I really don't think there is anything else I needed. They provided more value than I paid for to be honest.- Lorie

Marley Nonami forced me to focus on the numbers/analytics. It's still not my strongest suit but its something I continue to work on! I now understand the power behind the data and how important it is to help my business grow and scale. - Kalyn

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