How To Get New Leads Online: Your 8 Point Lead Magnet Checklist

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This Checklist with Video Instructions will give you 8 of our BEST techniques so you can become a master of online lead generation​!

The 3 Ways to Increase Profit

1. Attract More New Customers

  • Increased website visits by 95% without paying for ads
  • Doubled lead magnet conversions to 7% in 30 days
  • Increased Social Media reach by 400X in 6 months.

2. Increase Checkout Amount

  • Increased product price by 20% without declining sales
  • Increased online sales (aka purchase) conversions by 212%
  • Increased eCommerce cart to sales conversions from 7 to 22%

3. Increase Buying Frequency

  • Added a recurring subscription program= $65K recurring revenue in 6 months
  • Reengaged cold list into monthly $80 paid continuity program
  • Retargeted audience increased repeat purchases by 12%

We think our clients are pretty spectacular. All of the results above are from our client projects. Yeah Team!!!

You can attract the perfect clients if...
you give them a reason worth giving you their time and attention.

It all starts here.

If you know how to give your prospects what they desire most, then you are beginning to plant the seed in their mind that you are the one they have been looking for to solve their problem.

Otherwise, you are just part of the noise and distraction that they have become accustomed to tuning out.  Don't be those people.

Be legendary. Be extraordinary. Be uniquely you.

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