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Elevating your Customer's Experience with Digital Wayfinding Software Solutions with a Personal Navigation Assistant

Interactive Digital Wayfinding Software

Turn-by-turn indoor mobile navigation

Never Get Lost Again

Customers, Guests, and Staff will never get lost again. Give them turn-by-turn instructions in the palm of their hand with a stress-free navigational experience.

Seamless Transition Outdoors to Indoors

Our interactive wayfinding software is built with Google Maps. The familiar experience allows users to navigate from their front door to their precise destination inside your space.

Dynamic Parking Solutions

Eliminate aimless parking lot wandering by directing your guest to the closest door, entrance, and parking lot to their destination. Integrate with parking systems to show parking lot capacity in near-real time.

Manage and Dynamically Update Your Assets and Points of Interest

Indoor spaces aren't static – both the layout and the points of interest displayed on the maps change constantly. Get a single point of entry to edit and update your indoor maps and digital wayfinding platform. Any information shown on the map can be altered at any time, which means that you are in full control.

Manage your indoor positioning system and the use of location-based services such as push-notifications.

Not a programmer? No problem. Our MapsIndoors CMS is intuitive and easy to use and does not require programming skills.

wayfinding software solutions

See MapsIndoors CMS in action (in 2 mins)

Standard Features
  • Manage assets and dynamically route your customers around down assets, such as out of service elevators, bathrooms, or spills.
  • Apply rules to points of interest for special events, hours, or maintenance times that appear dynamically to your customers, guests, and staff.
  • Create preferred routes to encourage desired navigation behavior to ride transit, shuttles, walk, or bike opposed to driving. Apply preferred route rules during heavy traffic times, events, or construction/maintenance closures.
  • Built with Google Maps for the familiar user experience but you can customize with your brand styles and colors.
  • Available in over 20 languages to support diverse teams and customers.
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