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Speaker Testimonial from Lamar Tyler, Founder of Traffic Sales and Profit, 1,100 Attendees

Trusted by NMSDC, MBEs, and Conference Organizers

Bethanie is not new to these MBE streets. Bethanie is known across the US as a dynamic, engaging, and actionable speaker. 

Here are some of the places you may have seen Bethanie in the last year:

  • How to Leverage AI for MBE Growth, Michigan Minority Procurement Conference 2024  (Reference: Tameka Burns, MMSDC)
  • Leverage AI to Elevate Your MBE Business,GMSDC Accelerator Series, June 2024 (Reference: Sonji Franklin, GMSDC)
  • How to Use AI and LinkedIn to Grow Your MBE Business, OMDSC U Mastermind Series, 2 sessions, Q1/Q2 2024 (Reference: LaTasha Simms, OMSDC)
  • Revolutionize Your Profit, without the Daily Grind, NMSDC Annual Conference, October 2023
  • Turn LinkedIn into a Lead Generation Machine, Greater Women's Business Council, WBENC RPO, May 2024
  • Cut the Clock and Cash In - How to 2X Revenue and Save 10 hours a week with AI, Womens Business Council Southwest, WBENC RPO, March 2024
  • Understanding How AI Is Going To Impact Your Workforce, Global Enterprise

  • Empower the New Era of AI Marketing Teams, Private Corporation

Audience Feedback

Michigan Minority Procurement Conference - May 2024
MMSDC, a NMSDC Regional Partner

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How to Leverage AI for Your Business


Event Attendees: 1,500

Date: May 1, 2024


  • 100% of people found the session valuable
  • 100% want to hear Bethanie speak again
  • 98% found the session Inspiring
  • 98% found the session Actionable
  • 98% found the session Practical
  • 98% found the session Engaging

Tameka Burns

VP of Operational Excellence, 


Michigan Minority Procurement Conference AI Testimonial

" Bethanie was an exceptional speaker at our annual procurement conference, MMPC, where she led a compelling session on Artificial Intelligence. Her expertise and dynamic presentation style earned an impressive average rating of 4.34 out of 5 from our attendees. Bethanie’s ability to engage the audience was evident as I witnessed the energy and enthusiasm in the room. Participants were actively taking notes and crafting action plans, a testament to the practical and inspiring content she delivered. We are grateful to Bethanie for sharing her knowledge and contributing significantly to the success of our event.

Tameka Burns, VP of Operational Excellence"

NMSDC Conference - October 2023

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Bethanie's Speaker Feedback 

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Traffic Sales and Profit Live - June 2023

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Transform Your Business with B2B Clients


Event Attendees: 1,100

Event Date: July 23, 2023


  • 100% of people found the session valuable
  • 98% want to hear Bethanie speak again
  • 97% found the session Inspiring
  • 97% found the session Actionable
  • 97% found the session Practical
  • 97% found the session Engaging

TSP Private Mastermind Retreat - May 2024

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Get the Key to Unlock the Certification Door to more Corporate and Government Contracts


Event Attendees: 200

Event Date: May 28, 2024


  • 100% of people found the session valuable
  • 100% want to hear Bethanie speak again
  • 99% found the session Inspiring
  • 99% found the session Actionable
  • 98% found the session Practical
  • 97% found the session Engaging

Diversion Center CAPP Virtual Summit - May 2024

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Unlock Corporate & Government Contracts


Event Attendees: 80

May 11, 2024


  • 100% of people found the session valuable
  • 100% want to hear Bethanie speak again
  • 98% found the session Inspiring
  • 97% found the session Actionable
  • 97% found the session Practical
  • 96% found the session Engaging

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What Others Say About Bethanie's Talks

Bethanie Delivers Valuable Information that Impacts the Bottom Line

AI Powered Revenue Growth

  • Leverage AI to Supercharge Teams
  • Revenue Acceleration
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Sales Growth
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Outreach
  • Outbound Sales

Interactive, Actionable Workshops

Event attendees can walk away inspired, motivated, and empowered with the knowledge they need to reach the next milestone in their business. 

Whether you are hosting a conference or an event, Bethanie's proven simple framework will give your attendees a roadmap to follow to the next goal.

Why Bethanie Nonami

Imagine a keynote that not only demystifies the complexities of AI but also leaves your audience buzzing with excitement and actionable insights. That's what Bethanie Nonami brings to the table. With a dynamic blend of expertise, real-world experience, and a genuine passion for empowering others, Bethanie transforms the daunting world of AI into a practical and engaging journey.

Bethanie is not just an expert in integrating AI into sales and marketing strategies; she's a seasoned storyteller who connects with her audience through relatable anecdotes and personal experiences. Her path from grappling with the basics to mastering AI is a testament to her resilience and innovation. She understands the fears and hesitations that come with new technology and addresses them with empathy, encouragement, and a touch of humor.

Event planners love Bethanie's ability to make complex topics approachable and exciting. Her sessions are interactive and packed with practical advice that attendees can immediately apply to their work. Whether she's speaking to corporate professionals or budding entrepreneurs, Bethanie’s goal is to inspire action, instill confidence, and demonstrate the endless possibilities that AI offers.

In Bethanie’s keynotes, expect more than just information. She brings a motivational quality that empowers audiences to overcome barriers and embrace new opportunities. Her transparency in sharing her struggles and successes adds authenticity, making her message resonate deeply. Plus, her witty and humorous approach ensures that the content is not only informative but also enjoyable.

As an innovator and thought leader in the field, Bethanie's insights are cutting-edge, and her delivery is nothing short of captivating. She doesn't just talk about AI; she shows how it can revolutionize sales and marketing, fostering growth and innovation.

When you book Bethanie Nonami, you're not just getting a speaker; you're getting a mentor, a guide, and a true partner in your event's success. Ready to inspire your audience and transform your next event? Book Bethanie Nonami and let the journey to mastering AI in sales begin!

Hi, I'm Bethanie

Unveiling the force behind Marley Nonami, I am the powerhouse CEO and founder whose success story rests on a track record of catalyzing mind-blowing sales strategies. I have dedicated my life to empowering women of color in the business world, setting them on a fast track to shatter seven-figure sales records without burning the midnight oil.

We, at Marley Nonami, don't merely generate revenue; we create leveraged income. Our mission is to aid business owners in escaping the limiting cycle of trading hours for dollars, enabling them to sell effortlessly and realize the business and life they've always envisioned.

Beyond the boardroom, my life pulsates to the rhythm of vibrant cuisines and the roaring engines of high-performance and muscle cars. My love for the fast and the loud is only matched by my fervor to equip women entrepreneurs, aiding them in their quest to attain millionaire status and carve out a path to generational wealth.

Join me on this exhilarating ride as we together transform dreams into reality, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine what's possible!

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