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What We Do

We work with businesses to help them gather a voice of customer profile. Depending on the stage of the business and the goals of the business our approach varies from FB ads/quizzes to in depth video interviews that we analyze for tonality, sentiment, emotion, patterns, etc. We also have a data scientist to help us with the science behind each question and ensuring the question will provoke a response that tells us something actionable.

We have the capability to incorporate machine learning technology, however the data sets must be a much higher volume.

Who We Work With

We typically work with small – medium sized businesses that have had some level of success and they possess certain traits that we have identified as necessary to be successful with our projects. We can share more details with you should we be a fit for each other and move forward on a project together.

Our project costs range based on the team, their level of experience, and what they have tried in the in the past, etc.

The duration of our projects also vary but of course can be scoped. We typically run Agile sprints on projects but we are adaptable to hybrid project management styles should the client require it, assuming it can be measured and tracked.


What's Important To Us

We work our hind parts off and let’s face it, in some cases, client projects become very personal as we share successes, failures, and everything in between, Often times our projects, create a bond that lasts a lifetime. If a client doesn’t appear to value the same things, we walk from the project.

Having shared values are very important to us for our vendors, clients, and partners. We aren’t going to make it easy and share them with you but we want to know what is important to you, your team and your culture.

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We help people find your amazing brand by combining data, analytics, research, and psychology to help you understand the voice of your ideal customer so you can sell more, faster. Combining 40 years of technology, marketing, and strategy, we advise growth and marketing teams how to leverage our proven methodology to hone in on the voice and psychology of your highest value customer, profile them, and then help them find more just like them to grow and scale their businesses.

We nerd out on technology, automation, funnels, bots, and the reasons why people behave the way they do.

We are investigators, researchers, and translators that tie everything to revenue ‘cuz if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

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