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Scaling Business Results

Effie's Paper
results of marketing projects
  • In talks with WalMart & Target to carry her products
  • Instragram following positioned her as an Influencer and is approached by several brands/partners a day
  • Scaling her business with increased wholesale minimum orders
Elicia Miller
results of marketing projects
  • 100% of her business is from her online presence from SEO and website conversion optimization
  • Scaling her business with a certification of her programs to be taught by other practitioners
  • Coverage with National Media Outlets

Growing Business Results

results of marketing projects
  • Leveraging joint venture partners & influencers to expand market presence faster
  • Created an online training course as a low price point entry level offering to position higher cost service.
  • Launched podcast with 4,000 listeners to weekly show.
Shooter Webs
results of marketing projects
  • Increased rates on services and expanded add on upsell services
  • Created an annual maintenance program for clients generating 50% of annual income on a recurring basis.
  • Created a sub contractor eco-system to accept more business and support expanded offerings
Bethanie Nonami
results of marketing projects
  • Created automated lead generation online into webinar funnel.
  • Built list to over 500 in a month with organic outreach, no paid advertising.
  • Launched two webinar sessions with over 100 registrants, closed enough clients for the year.

Launching Business Results

A Better Life
results of marketing projects
  • Built an eager list of over 2,000 people waiting for product launch Fall of 2017.
  • Created Low/Medium/High offerings with digital content, CDs, physical products and coaching
  • Automating online lead generation, new client onboarding, email sequences, Kajabi online content distrubution and custom online app and website content management.
  • Technical Advisor position (CTO)
Lorie Durfee
results of marketing projects
  • New business - in a highly competitive direct market nutrition market.
  • Focusing on building team with similar values, desires and financial goals.
  • Positioning as expert in healthy living for aging women (younger Baby Boomers).

Our Clients LOVE Us!

Elicia Miller
Core Emotional Healing & Candida Expert, Speaker, Author

I was blown away with the level of detail and the constant value that I received. Every time I turn around, I get more and more from this team. I have also been featured in MAJOR media and press outlets that I would have never had visibility to without them. 100% of my business is now from my online presence, it is my #1 channel.

They have become a part of my long term business strategy because I have gotten so far in such a short time period after struggling for years to get traction on my own.

Kalyn Johnson Chandler, JD
Effie's Paper

Hands down, they are the most brilliant people that I have worked with in online marketing, business strategy and technology space. They are invaluable with a perfect trifecta of business growth techniques and unique marketing strategies with vast software systems knowledge mixed with brilliant minds.

I now have valuable insights with not only what my customer buy and want more of from my brand but growing and scaling my online and business strategy. They cease to amaze me!

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