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Meet Our Strategic Growth Strategist 

When is Now a Good Time?

Strategic Growth Strategist

Now is the time to say "hello" to our newest team member! Meet Jennifer Brigham (below).  

When Melissa and I started Marley Nonami, we knew that we were destined for greatness. It is just something you feel. You reach a point in life where you realize it is time to start building your dream, not just work your tail off to build someone else's dream.

We know we have technology superpowers. When our paths crossed with Jennifer's, wowza! The intersection of technology, strategy and deep entrepreneurial experience was so exciting, we couldn't pass up the chance to work together! Our superpowers are ALL supercharged by this trifecta of opportunity! Meet our Strategic Growth Strategist!  

Be Careful What You Wish For

Strategic Growth Strategist

Melissa reached out to friend and trusted business woman, Jennifer Brigham, to tell her the great news of forming Marley Nonami and our super human goals to change the world with our technology and services.  

By the end of that call, we had found another brilliant mind to join the Marley Nonami Team.

And now, she is our Strategic Growth Strategist

And at that moment, herstory was made at Marley Nonami. We partnered with an amazing woman to help us expand our vision beyond what Melissa and I are capable of accomplishing on our own. We are thrilled to announce Jennifer Brigham will be joining our team as a Strategic Growth Strategist.

Welcome Jennifer Brigham to the Marley Nonami Family

 Strategic Growth Strategist 

Jennifer Brigham - Strategic Growth Strategist

Please feel free to reach out to Jennifer to say hello!
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Jennifer started her business at age 22, a college dropout. Since then, she has built, bought and sold several businesses. Most recently, she sold the multi-million dollar staffing company that she built from scratch over three decades.

Her direct, practical and humorous style cuts to the heart of what matters in small business success. Her growth-focused approach is both creative and strategic. As a consultant, author, speaker and quoted expert, Jennifer shares her knowledge of and passion for small business best practices, marketing and strategic growth. She joins Marley Nonami as a growth strategy advisor, embracing clients’ entrepreneurial challenges and creatively fast tracking profitable solutions.

Jennifer is recognized as a business leader, including being honored with the National Association of Women Business Owners' (NAWBO-MN) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

When she isn’t solving business issues, you’ll find Jennifer paddling a kayak in Northern Wisconsin, walking her 100-lb. 3-legged dog, or enjoying food and wine at home, local restaurants or globe trotting.

Meet Jennifer's New Growth Dream Team

Melissa Bryan

The Marley Part

Melissa Bryan’s canny ability to get to the heart of what makes your customers tick stems back to her love of economics. Her econ professor use to say, “The only difference between a marketer and economist, is that a marketer gets invited to the party. Well...unless you’re Melissa.”

This social nerd jumped at the opportunity to work with Bethanie Nonami. She knew their passion and years of experience in data analytics, business consulting, technology and innovative marketing experiences would produce something spectacular.

“I love taking the theoretical and making it tactical. If I can’t measure the results, then I question why are we doing this. I guess that the competitive side of me. The need to understand how to help my clients win.”
- Melissa

bethanie nonami

The Nonami Part

Bethanie is an avid reader, movie goer, foodie and loves super fast & loud cars.

She helps business owners reach their customers, tell their stories and uses growth techniques + technology to increase their revenues so they get back to doing what they loved enough to start their business in the first place! 

The good news is Bethanie loves Excel, numbers and data. In fact, she whole heartedly believes that data from your clients and leads tell a story.  

"It makes no sense to guess in business today. We have access to more data than anytime in history, which makes it sooooo much easier to reach the people that are looking for you at the exact moment they need you most in the exact way they want to connect with your brand."
- Bethanie

Don't take our word for it...

My business is 100% online at this point so my online presence is #1 for me. Marley Nonami helps increase my traffic and conversions. I also love that they can analyze the data and help me understand the results of what they did and what else could help improve it. They helped me with getting interviews and quotes in online media to link back to my website.
- Elicia

I can't grow and scale my business without their wisdom of putting the technology together with marketing and automation.  The most efficient ways to put together a funnel, and getting names and emails automatically --that whole system! - Judy

Marley Nonami is a 10! She has changed my business in ways I couldn't have ever imagined!  I went from project to project trading time for dollars, now I have annual and monthly recurring income that sustains my business passively while I can choose projects to work on.- Mitko

Their knowledge of how to start and grow a business and how to integrate that with all the online and technology pieces is invaluable. You can't have a business today without getting the technology, processes and systems right. I started this business the right way, primed to scale bigger than any 7 figure business I have ever had before.
- Bonnie

Bethanie went above and beyond what was promised. The value I got from working with her was so great I really don't think there is anything else I needed. She provided more value than I paid for to be honest.- Lorie

Marley Nonami forced me to focus on the numbers/analytics. It's still not my strongest suit but its something I continue to work on! I now understand the power behind the data and how important it is to help my business grow and scale. - Kalyn