Making Women the Hero of Your Brand 

Digital to In-Store Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimize "her" personalized online experience to increase in-store purchases.

Why Digital is Critical to CPG and Retail Success

Retail Focused Conversion Optimization

84% of consumers  foot traffic use digital before or during their in-store shopping experience 

Retail Focused Conversion Optimization

40% higher conversion rate with Customers using a digital device during shopping journey.

Retail Focused Conversion Optimization

22% of customers spend more as a result of using a digital device, half spend 25% more than they had intended.

Retail Focused Conversion Optimization

75% of consumers said the information found on social channels influenced their shopping behavior and brand loyalty

Why we are  be OBSESSED with Conversion Rate Optimization

Simple...improving your conversion rates equals more lead & customers without having to spend a penny more on advertising. The better your conversions, the more impressed brands are with our results compared to traditional media agencies.

It's Math...

Retail Focused Conversion Optimization

Here's why our clients love us!

We turn data into insight

We combine data, science, analysis, and technology to create the story that isn't easily deciphered through your data. Our results focused approach combining proven practices delivers the insight you need to take the actions to increase conversions, sales & repeat purchases.

We focus on the journey

Our impact comes by helping you understand how your customers think. By understanding their behavior online, purchasing habits, emotional triggers, and friction points, you can create the experience they want, which results in sales online and in store.

We integrate & optimize

We help you break down the silos between your data, your channels, and your customer's experience wit your brand. Our goal for your brand is sustainable long-term growth from digital to in-store to ongoing customer loyalty across all channels.

how we can help you

Conversions & Journey Optimizations

By the end of the project, you will understand the psychology of your highest valued customer. You will understand where and how to engage with them and you will have dozens of variants to validate and test at scale.

You may have bright teams, integrated marketing plans, well planned strategies, systems which produce tons of meaningful data.  Yet, the results you desire aren't happening or aren't consistent and you don't understand why.

Our Conversion Optimization Strategy is an integrated approach including an Executive Sponsor, Key Teams, and Your Customers.  

We will collectively gather assumptions, data, past initiatives, performance, results, and insights from key people in your Company.  

Then, the magic starts. We get in your customer's heads through various methods ranging from behavioral analysis to in person interviews to analyze body language, tonality, and sentiment.

Conversion Optimization Audit

By the end of the project, you will understand the experience your customers are having with your brand. You will also understand points of friction that are preventing conversions or sales and proven actionable tactics to improve your customers journey to the sale.

​​​​​​You are focused on growing throughout various channels. You are testing various social media strategies and techniques but you aren't getting the results you expected.

Our Conversion Optimization Audit will look at everything your brand does online. Our proprietary process analyzes your entire online story. 

Areas of focus include your social media channels, engagement, reach, and amplification beyond social. Websites, microsites, funnels, and touchpoints (conversion points). Email marketing. Advertising creative, copy, conversions, and reach.

Marketing to Women

Women are the most powerful consumers on earth. Yeah, we think we're pretty awesome. (virtual high five ladies) Women influence or make 85% of all household purchases and control $7 trillion in US spending.

Shockingly, only 9% of marketers think they understand how women buy. Which means most agencies and marketers that are being paid to help reach your women consumers, don't know how.

This challenge grows beyond marketers into creative, sales, and in many cases, strategy. 

Our deep understanding of the psychology of women empowers our brands to be armed with the knowledge to create emotional creative and persuasive copy that turns conversations online into sales into a community of loyal women customers.

Organizational Transformation

By the end of the project, your leadership team will understand how to use digital to drive innovation. This accelerated advisory will enhance digital understanding to lead effective change and shift the way people think about the digital effect on your customers experience and within your company.

You may have spent your career transforming your organizations and didn't have the time to master this new digital world that is now rapidly shaping consumer shopping behaviors. This is common among high performing executives that are stretched too thin for too long.

Digital has changed the way consumers make buying decisions especially for in-store and CPG brands.  Businesses that have physical products for sale in stores, can no longer afford to avoid integrating digital into their marketing plans and running teams in silos.

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We help people find your amazing brand by combining data, analytics, research, and psychology to help you understand the voice of your ideal customer so you can sell more, faster. Combining 40 years of technology, marketing, and strategy, we advise growth and marketing teams how to leverage our proven methodology to hone in on the voice and psychology of your highest value customer, profile them, and then help your team find more customers  just like them to grow your revenue and margins.

We nerd out on technology, automation, funnels, bots, and the reasons why people behave the way they do.

We are investigators, researchers, and translators that tie everything to revenue ‘cuz if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

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