Consistent & Predictable Sales

For business owners that are looking to have sales meetings to sell more customers faster with less effort than you ever thought possible, that's what we do all day, every day.

Yes, let's talk ASAP!

Reach Your Goals Faster

Many of us have been lucky to grow our business from hard work, delivering quality service and word of mouth referrals. That's great but it often isn't consistent or predictable.

We generate sales meetings and help you master selling your services so you can grow and scale your business at your desired pace or take time off when you want to slow things down.

Attract Your Most Profitable Customers

First, we start with a deep dive strategy session into your ideal customer. This gives us what we need to find your people, at scale. We figure out what works to reach cold strangers and turn them into customers so you make more money faster with less effort.

We Help You Sell Your Services

Selling can be scary and feel hard but it doesn't have to be. We work with you to get crystal clear on your value, your offer, and you ask. Once we understand how to sell, we can delegate sales to other people and you can focus on the scaling the business.

Our Proven Methodology

We know what we do works. We have a methodology that delivers results consistently, no matter the industry or target market.

In fact, we actually guarantee that you will generate sales from the sales meetings we book or we work with you until you do.  So, even if you aren't sure if how you are selling is the best way, that's fine. You will work with our team of sales experts to make selling easier and less daunting.

Our 4 Step Methodology
lead generation marketing strategy
1. Strategize

Create a strategy that clearly identifies your ideal target market, your value proposition and your irresistible offer.

lead generation - how to target your audience
2. Most Profitable Customers

Connect with your most profitable customers. We target the top 20% of your market that will gladly pay for your services.

lead generation
3. Feed the Funnel

Speak with qualified buyers that have raised their hands to get more info on solution to the problem you solve.

lead generation - increase sales
4. Optimize & Repeat

The goal is that we get so good at sales that you produce consistent, repeatable, and predictable results to grow your business. 

What we offer

Marketing Strategy

We explore your avatar, offer, and market to determine if you are maximizing your value and profit.

Revenue Acceleration

We help you position your business as THE painkiller to your customer's migraine once and for all.

Sales Meetings

We generate sales meetings with qualified buyers that ask to speak with you about your services.

Sales Support

You're not alone. We work with you on your sales conversations to figure out what to say and how to close deals faster.

Hi, I'm Bethanie

I will get you sales meetings with no Facebook ads, no complicated funnels, no cyber-stalking people on Linkedin, and no dancing on TikTok!

I work with service-based business that sells B2B that can take on more clients and sales meetings in the next few weeks.

I also work with ambitious brands to help them grow exponentially with proven sales accelerating strategies. I serve as your Chief Revenue or Strategy Officer to get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you ever thought possible.

I am a foodie that loves fast and loud cars (muscle and performance cars). I am on a mission to help women business owners become millionaires so we can have a greater collective impact on the world.

Our Awesome Clients

Our 100% Guarantee

We Guarantee you will get more sales meetings. If you don't, we will continue to work with you until you do.

This guarantee is based on your ability to be open to trying new things and validate your market, your message, and potentially your ideal clients. Our goal is that you get the best possible sales meetings lined up for you to be successful and exceed your sales goals faster with less stress and headaches.

Your Business Investment

Sales Meetings Monthly Growth Package

  • Email Outreach to Your Most Profitable Customer Monthly
  • Weekly Team Touch Points
  • Sales Conversation Support
  • Sales Mentorship
  • Ideal Target Strategy
  • Pitch & Offer Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Laser Focus on Closing Deals

Starts at $3,000 per month

Exponential Revenue Acceleration - VIP

Does your team have a proven track record of success?  Have you grown rapidly and are ready to scale but not sure which strategy will get you there fastest?  Do you take massive action and execute consistently?

Then, you may qualify for our Exponential Revenue Acceleration Package. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, let's connect and explore what that looks like.

  • Take Your Business to the Next Level
  • Maximize Your Market Value
  • Lead & Shape Your Industry
  • Have a Greater Impact