We make Emerging Marketing Technology, Google Search and Voice Search fun & interesting!

We guarantee your audience will learn at least one incredibly valuable tactic they can act on immediately making your event even more valuable!

What We Do

We Help Ambitious Organizations Solve Complex Business Problems With Innovative Thinking And Technology

What We Speak About

Marketing Optimization

Improving Marketing ROI

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Customer Journey
  • Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Psychology of Shopping Behavior
  • Trends, Predictions, & Panels

Marketing Innovation & Disruption

Innovating Your Competitive Advantage

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice Activated Assistance (Bots)
  • Advanced Targeting (Voice, Geo)
  • Advanced Metrics & KPIs
  • Trends, Predictions, & Panels

Women & Diversity

Understand, Connect, & Sell to Women

  • Psychology of Female Consumers
  • Influencing Women's Behavior
  • Women in Leadership
  • Diversity in Leadership
  • Trends, Predictions, & Panels

Session Formats

30,000 ft High Level, Trends, Predictions, & Panels

Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Strategies & Takeaways

In Depth Workshops, Hands on, Framework, Take Action Now!

Sessions can also take a hybrid approach to mixing two formats (ie Best Practices with Actionable Framework).

bethanie was incredible

Bethanie is an amazing storyteller. She has a gift of making these incredibly complex, technical, and jargon-heavy topics such a joy to listen to, which is a very hard thing to do in today's connected society and smart-phone distracted audiences. 

She frames her stories in a way that teaches our members in a way that not only do they learn, but they can leave and share the lessons very naturally and in a compelling manner.


Anytime I can bring her in to speak, I do!

Sophia, Speaker Fulfillment Firm

Speaking Topics

Here are a couple of topics. These are just topic examples, speaking engagements are customized to the audience and theme of your event. 

Speaking engagements could be high level 30,000 foot view with case studies, which are all story based, or they can be more hands on workshop style with handouts, frameworks, or rapid execution plans.  

Stories will also vary based on the level of the audience from CxO to the field levels.

Return on Innovation (Investment too!)

Increasing sales and ROI without increasing ad spend!

Every customer touchpoint is a conversion point and an opportunity to improve your customer experience while increasing your sales.

Gone are the days of making assumptions about which channel is producing the greatest sales uplift. Make data driven decisions by testing and optimizing your conversions across channels, platforms, and initiatives.

Gaining a competitive advantage with Alexa, even if you’re not sold on Amazon

50M US homes are using Alexa to answer questions that your brand should be answering.

Understand how to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Alexa’s voice search capability to answer consumer questions leading them to your content, website, and brand to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

The Marketing Future is Here: bots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

Learn how to leverage AI and bots to accelerate your marketing growth.

Hear how bots, A/I, and M/L are delivering unimaginable experiences for customers and making marketers look like geniuses with predictable and sustainable growth. Note: Bots referenced in this session are not chatbots, ie Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Delivering a personalized customer experience from digital to in-store.

9 out of 10 buyers do not have a brand preference, which has created a research obsessed consumer market who is always looking for something better.

Learn how to keep your brand top of mind and relevant to your consumer by providing the right content, in the right place, at the right moment with micro-moment targeting.

Target customers with a completely customized path to purchase from her initial search on mobile or desktop, to geo-targeting her as she drives toward the retailer, to continuing her search in the store as other competitive brands on the shelf have been introduced and she checks her smartphone one last time for last minute research and reviews before selecting your brand.

Leverage voice activated search to differentiate your brand as the best

Voice search represents over 50% of consumer mobile search behavior.

Understand how to embrace voice search to keep pace with your customers evolving buying behavior so you can deliver their desired experience.

Learn the consumer search trends with the fastest growth so your brand can stay ahead of the competition and stand out in a noisy oversaturated ad marketplace.

Improving Media Reach & Search Experiences

Up your search game with hyper targeted advanced search techniques

84% of consumers start their shopping journey with a search question online.

Learn how to keep up with the evolving consumer search behavior. By understanding how shopping search behavior has changed, your content and marketing strategies can reach more customerS while increasing your ROI.

Using chatbots to build brand awareness, reach, and engagement

Understand how to initiate and automate conversations with your customers to drive sales, build awareness, and increase engagement.

Leverage chatbots in a natural conversational, non-robotic way to automate common customer service, sales, and support conversations to improve your online brand experience.

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