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Speaker Testimonial from Lamar Tyler, Founder of Traffic Sales and Profit

Bethanie's Speaker Feedback 

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Traffic Sales and Profit Live - June 2023

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Session Feedback from Traffic Sales and Profit Live June 2023


Event Attendees: 1,100

Session feedback: 279 people


  • 100% of people found the session valuable
  • 98% want to hear Bethanie speak again
  • 97.7% found the session Inspiring
  • 97.4% found the session Actionable
  • 97.0% found the session Practical
  • 96.8% found the session Engaging

NMSDC Conference - October 2023

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Bethanie Nonami
bethanie nonami
Bethanie Nonami
Bethanie Nonami

What Others Say About Bethanie's Talks

Bethanie Delivers Valuable Information that Impacts the Bottom Line

AI Powered Revenue Growth

  • Leverage AI to Supercharge Sales Teams
  • Revenue Acceleration
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Sales Growth
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Outreach
  • Outbound Sales

Interactive, Actionable Workshops

Event attendees can walk away inspired, motivated, and empowered with the knowledge they need to reach the next milestone in their business. 

Whether you are hosting a conference or an event, Bethanie's proven simple framework will give your attendees a roadmap to follow to the next goal.

Why Bethanie Nonami

Imagine curating an event that leaves your attendees not just satisfied, but deeply moved and profoundly motivated, brimming with the insights they need to supercharge their business growth. Bethanie can make that happen.

As a keynote speaker, Bethanie has fine-tuned a powerful framework that does more than just inspire. It provides an actionable roadmap, a path forward that takes your attendees on a transformative journey towards their next business milestone. This isn't just a speech – it's a masterclass in growth and progress. Bethanie is committed to ensuring that her audience walks away not just inspired but equipped with practical, actionable steps to reach their goals.

Whether you're hosting a conference or an event, Bethanie's delivery is compelling and unforgettable. Her speeches are thoughtfully crafted around one central theme, giving your audience a coherent and impactful experience. And her expertise doesn't just lie in delivering compelling speeches; it's in designing presentations that command attention and sustain intrigue throughout. She understands the pivotal role a keynote speaker plays in setting the tone for the event and is committed to bringing her all to the stage, providing a strong ROI for your organization.

The opportunity to have Bethanie as your keynote speaker is an opportunity to offer your attendees more than just a convention - it's the chance to provide them a deeply transformative experience that will reverberate long after they leave your event.

Let Bethanie take your audience on a journey they won't forget. A journey filled with inspiration, motivation, and, most importantly, empowerment. Allow them the chance to experience a keynote that is more than a speech, a keynote that becomes a turning point in their professional journey. Choose Bethanie for your next event.

Hi, I'm Bethanie

Unveiling the force behind Marley Nonami, I am the powerhouse CEO and founder whose success story rests on a track record of catalyzing mind-blowing sales strategies. I have dedicated my life to empowering women of color in the business world, setting them on a fast track to shatter seven-figure sales records without burning the midnight oil.

We, at Marley Nonami, don't merely generate revenue; we create leveraged income. Our mission is to aid business owners in escaping the limiting cycle of trading hours for dollars, enabling them to sell effortlessly and realize the business and life they've always envisioned.

Beyond the boardroom, my life pulsates to the rhythm of vibrant cuisines and the roaring engines of high-performance and muscle cars. My love for the fast and the loud is only matched by my fervor to equip women entrepreneurs, aiding them in their quest to attain millionaire status and carve out a path to generational wealth.

Join me on this exhilarating ride as we together transform dreams into reality, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine what's possible!

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