How Voice Commerce is Changing the Way People Shop

With the use of voice commerce technology on the rise, it's no wonder that the concept is changing the way millions of people shop online every day. Whether it's making ordering a refill of paper towels easier for a busy parent or ensuring an auto shop owner with hands covered in grease can still get the tools they need, voice commerce allows us to fit shopping seamlessly into our busy lives.

Below, we've rounded up a few notable ways that voice commerce is changing the shopping experience for consumers around the world. Read on to find out more about how today's shoppers are utilizing-- and benefiting from-- the powerful capabilities of voice commerce technology

Reordering is easy and intuitive

If you utilize a voice assistant to make a routine purchase, that data can be stored for use in the future. That means that once it comes time to order toilet paper again, all shoppers need to do is ask their voice assistants to "order toilet paper." There won't be any questions, fuss, or confusion-- whichever product was last ordered in that category is simple reordered and at their doorstep in a matter of days.

Leaving reviews has never been simpler

Many consumers fail to leave reviews because of one simple factor: time. Today's shoppers are constantly busy and always on the go; but with the help of voice technology, they'll have a much easier time of dictating reviews while they attend to other business, too.

Savvy marketers know that reviews are critical to retail success (especially in the realm of online shopping), but getting consumers to spend time writing them is tough. Voice commerce technology removes this barrier from the equation entirely.

Increased humanization

For decades, shopping online has been an impersonal and detached experience. Web users who want assistance with their shopping or are in search of that unique "human touch" during the experience have long been out of luck-- but voice commerce is changing that. Through the use of online shopping process.

Speaking with a voice assistant will never measure up to receiving personalized service in a brick-and-mortar store, but it's an ideal solution to the communication-based dilemma posed by online shopping.

Making returns easier

Returns are a natural part of the retail cycle, especially if shoppers are making purchases online. It's only fair that return rates rise when consumers don't have a chance to see the items they're buying in person before making a purchase. While the process of online returns has long been a hassle for retailers and consumers alike, voice commerce could change that.

Businesses are increasingly automating portions of the returns process to make it easier and more intuitive. Shopping assistants can automatically remind consumers to send back unwanted items from services who build returns into their business models (like keep-what-you-want subscription boxes). Not only does this remove the headache of frustrated buyers who failed to make returns on time for retailers, but it means consumers can spend less time fretting over whether they've started the process in a timely manner.

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